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  • “Many clinical studies show that laser toenail fungus treatment reduces fungal infection and promotes clear toenail growth with a single treatment.


Laser Procedure for Toenail Fungus Treatment
Laser Toenail Fungus Treatment Information

Laser treatments for toenail fungus are revolutionary procedures that treat the nail fungus infection. These treatments do not cause cuts, burns, or any discomfort.

Studies on laser treatments for toenail fungus have not found any known side effects. Good hygiene of the toes and follow up treatment with a topical anti-fungal solution and cream should allow patients great, long-term results in eliminating toe nail fungus.

Laser nail fungus treatments procedure surpasses provides an 80% effective success rate, higher than many other methods of treatments including oral medications.

FAQs About Laser Toenail Fungus Treatments

How does the nail fungus laser work? The laser works by shining a narrow beam of light into a fungus-infected toenail. The toenail is penetrated by the laser, and the fungus is vaporized. The laser is effective because it is tuned to a set frequency that targets the infection.

Is the toenail laser treatment procedure painful? Because the procedure is done via laser, only infected areas of the toenail are targeted. The healthy parts of the toenail are left untouched. There is no discomfort during or after treatment.

Is the laser toenail fungus treatment safe? In our clinical studies on different lasers, there have been no adverse reactions, disabilities, injuries, or known side effects from use of lasers to treat toenail fungus infection. The laser toenail treatment does not affect the liver and kidney like some oral nail fungus medications available.

How long is the toenail laser treatment? Generally, only one session is required to treat the fungus. However, treatment schedules can vary by patient. The treatment of an infected toenail fungus takes approximately 10-20 minutes.

How soon will I begin to see improvement? Any toenail will naturally replace itself about every 8 to 12 months. Healthy new growth is visible within the first 3 months as the old nail is replaced by the new nail. Follow-up treatment with an anti-fungal solution, has shown an increase of up to 100% in the speed of healthy nail replacement. Your podiatrist can recommend a post-laser treatment toenail solution and cream, depending on the severity of the nail condition.

Do I have to take any drugs as part of the laser toenail fungus treatment? No drugs are required. Depending on your situation, some doctors may prescribe topical medication in conjunction with treatment and their diagnosis.

Will I be able to walk after the laser toenail fungus treatment? Yes, the treatment will not harm you in any way. Please note that each physician will determine the correct course of action depending on their diagnosis and the equipment involved.

Will my insurance cover this? Currently, the laser toenail fungus procedure is not covered by health insurance. But, the initial foot consultation is free. Insurance companies consider the laser toenail fungus treatment a cosmetic/aesthetic procedure and do not provide coverage. If you have a Medical Individual Retirement Account (Medical IRA), Health Savings Account (HSA), or other Flexible Medical Spending Accounts (Medical FSA), the treatment can be paid for with these funds. Credit or debit card and cash payments are accepted.

What is the cost for laser toenail treatment? Cost can vary based on the thickness of the nails, the location of the fungus, and the severity of the infection. Please contact us to determine the treatment cost.

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